The Gardner Tennis Program Advantages

Whether you are looking to compete at the High School level, College level or just looking to learn tennis as a lifetime sport, being in the Gardner Tennis Program is the best way to accomplish your
goals !!

First, I personally teach all clinics and camps for my program.  Many Head Pros will "sell" a tennis program as being taught by them, but then have a junior pro or assistant pro actually be on the court.  When you sign up for the Gardner Tennis Program, you get the Head Pro, Bob Gardner, to teach you !!  Bob has one of the largest programs with some of the best results in the area.  Our program stacks up with better success against any program in the area in spite of the fact that other areas have as much as 3 - 4 times the population to draw from.  We wouldn't be surprised if you might see other tennis programs coming to Granville to try and capitalize on, and duplicate, our success !!! 

Secondly, The Gardner Tennis Program is the only full time year round  indoor and outdoor program located in Licking County.  With this advantage, you get to stay right here in the Granville / Newark area saving you time and money and allowing you to keep the continuity of the teaching and advancement in your game.  With over 10 years located in this area, and 20 years of teaching experience, we have established the reputaion as one of the finest and largest programs in the surrounding area.  We have over 125 regular players in our program and over 150 players who participate in the program each year !!   That speaks volumes for a program in an area this size !!  

Our reputation as a top tier tennis program allows us to have players who come from Granville, Cambridge, Pataskala, Bexley, Westerville, Chillicothe, Heath and Newark to play in our program.  With a program as large as ours, we do not have to go outside of our area to try and build our program.  We are privileged to have players come to our area to experience the excellence of the Gardner Tennis Program.  For the player in this area, you have the best of both worlds:  outstanding players who will come to our program year round to help improve your game.

This past year we have had 3 additional players in our program, one singles player and a doubles team, who are State High School qualifiers from Cambridge who travel to our program for their instruction !!!  What a testimony to our success !!  In addition to those players this year, our program has had 23 times in the last 11 years when players have qualified out of the Sectionals and into the Districts, as well as 5 State Qualifiers, 3 singles and 2 doubles players !!

One of our biggest goals is to keep tennis very affordable, thus we do not require that you join a club to play tennis.  We feel you should be able to play tennis, especially at the beginning level, at a very affordable cost.  Having to pay to join a club when you are starting out just adds to your cost before you know much about how you will like the sport.  We have demo (loaner) racquets for players to use for an extended period of time, and we allow you try the clinics and camps on a trial basis to make sure tennis is a good fit for you.

In keeping it affordable, we have all our clincis set up on a month to month basis, no long term committments of 8 to 10 weeks, ( or even more ), that compels you to feel like you have to play if you are not comfortable at that time.  Additionally, it allows your child, or yourself, to be involved in other activities, such as the school play, band or other sports without paying for tennis you are not participating in.  We also allow for a credit for clincis or camps that you miss.  We don't know of any tennis program that allows you that kind of flexibility !!!

I also teach a Boy's and a Girl's Middle School teams.  These teams are in the Fall and Spring and allow competition against all the Columbus Middle School teams.  This is designed for those players who wish to compete on a more competitive level and to prepare for High School tennis.  This past year the Middle School teams had one of their best years with individual wins over Bexley, Academy, Worthington and other Central Ohio teams.

Our program has also added local, year around match play for the last several years.  This is a super way to add competion to your game along with  instruction !!  We have match play for those in 4th to 6th grades, Middle School and High School.  As you progress, we also encourage you to compete in tournaments in Central Ohio and beyond if that becomes your goal.

We are so thankful for the support of tennis in this area that has made tennis in the Granville / Newark area boom since I began teaching here in 1999.  Please call me if you have any questions or want to join the program !!